It’s ok to not be ok - grief and fear - 27/4/2020

The current climate of living through the virus with lockdown etc is new to us all and we are coping in different ways. Some are busy home schooling and trying to work, others are finding new hobbies to keep busy. There are families trying to manage reduced incomes, redundancies or are just struggling with not seeing family, I know I am.  You may have had your holiday, special event or a wedding cancelled. You may just be frightened for the future. All these things can cause anxiety or even grief and fear.

Talking about your grief in any sense will help and the person whose shoulder you choose may have the same fears or worries. Grief is our reaction to loss in whatever form. We’re all different, and there are no right or wrong ways to cope with the current situation.

The loss of a loved one is among one of the most overwhelming and painful experiences you are likely to encounter. It comes uninvited and it takes you through a range of emotions which often contradict one another and make no sense. Losing a loved one can provoke a number of fears including those related to your own mortality. Those fears include the feelings of being helpless, worried about the future and life without that special person.

As a Celebrant in these current circumstances I am helping families say goodbye to their loved ones. With the Covid19 guidelines for crematoriums and cemeteries it is not possible to have the extended family and friends you would expect at a funeral but this does not detract from the beautiful memories that can be shared in a small personal “celebration of life”. You can request a Webcast of the ceremony and also an entire online ceremony. You may choose at a later date to have a memorial service with extended family and friends. If I can help you and your family please do not hesitate in contacting me.

From the 11th to the 17th May there will be a “Dying Matters” awareness week with the theme "Dying to be Heard".  A planned local event at Langstone Vale Crematorium covering different aspects of dying, practical support and advice has been postponed but if you need some support the following websites helpful -