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What is a Celebrant?

The question that many people ask is “what is a celebrant”. There are many descriptions if you google the word Celebrant but a good summary is “someone who is trained in providing you with a custom made ceremony for a whole range of occasions, such as a Wedding, Renewal of vows, Baby Naming/Adoption, Funeral or other special milestone without legal obligation or restriction. 


A Celebrant is also someone who spends many hours researching to give each ceremony a unique, tailored and personal reflection of the clients. We are story tellers with a professional attitude who regard their role as a privilege and pleasure to perform.


The mark of a good Celebrant is someone who is willing to work closely with you, following your instructions whilst bringing their own ideas, to create the right ceremony. The role has the combination of three qualities; a good listener, a good writer and a good performer. Choosing a Wedding Celebrant gives you the freedom to be creative and to include additional rituals and customs for example the Unity Candle Ceremony, Hand Fasting and Sand Ceremony, 

A ceremony with a wedding Celebrant differs from a civil wedding ceremony. Your wedding still needs to be made legal and requires the couple to arrange their legal paperwork separately from their actual ceremony. This can be done with an appointment at the local registration office with two witnesses to just sign the documents, saving your vows and rings until the celebration date. This option saves both time and fees.

A Funeral Celebrant is someone who will help you to celebrate the life and passing of your loved one. Funeral Celebrants conduct non-religious, semi-religious and spiritual funeral services. This approach places greater emphasis on how the person lived their life and their personality traits. A Celebrant will create a ceremony with substance and meaning.

All ceremonies are tailored and delivered with just the client in mind making it a unique, inclusive day and full of memories that reflect your own style and ideas.